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Copy Protecting Drupal Web Sites | Copy Protection for Drupal Websites

Copy Protecting Drupal Web Sites

If your site uses a Drupal CMS solution you will be pleased to know that all of our site protection solutions are supported on Drupal. In fact our site protection solutions will run on any web site regardless of the programming language running in the background and regardless of the server type, whether it be on a Windows or Apache web server. Further information, download links and support forum can be found from the links on each product page. Add-ons are available for most popular CMS like DNN, Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress that can be installed by anyone. Otherwise you may prefer to customize your own pages using using examples provided with the software.

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ASPS provides the most secure web browser environment because it uses a web browser specially designed to protect web media rather than expose it. Designed from the ground up for copy protection, the ArtisBrowser is 100 times more secure than all other exam browsers and re-skinned clones. ASPS provides point to point encryption between server and browser to ensure that noting can be exploited or copied in any way, not even from browser cache. Click for more information about the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS).

Copy Protected Web Hosting

ASPS is the most secure copy protection for web pages but it requires a dedicated server or VPS. However ASPS can be used indirectly by using either the Guest Video copy protected web hosting service or a SafeGuard Media plugin for WordPress (see below). Guest Video pages can be viewed directly or they can be embedded on your existing web pages by using a plugin. Click for more info on Guest Video Protection.

CopySafe PDF Protection

CopySafe PDF provides the most secure protection for PDF documents, safe from all copy including Print Screen and screen capture. CopySafe PDF documents can be distributed by email, download and on disk for use in the desktop reader and with DRM applied they cannot be shared. When protected by DRM a user can forward a copy of the document to a thousand friends but none will be able to open that document unless they also have the authors permission. CopySafe PDF can also be displayed on web pages. In fact CopySafe PDF is the only copy protected solution for displaying PDF on the web and the following link shows how it can be used in Drupal - Copy Protected PDF in Drupal.

CopySafe Video Protection

CopySafe Video provides the most secure copy protection for desktop viewing and viewing online from web pages. Safe from all copy including screen recording, CopySafe Video is mo9st unique in that it is the only copy protection software for video that can be used on web pages and viewed using a web browser. Click for more information about CopySafe Video Protection.

CopySafe Web Protection

CopySafe Web is a most unique copy protection solution that prevents Print Screen and screen capture. It is also unique because it is the only plugin solution that can be used with all popular web browsers on Windows. Another unique feature is that CopySafe Web protection can be applied to absolutely any web page regardless of programming language or server type, protecting all page media including Flash, PDF and video. Click for more information about CopySafe Web Protection.

SafeGuard Media

SafeGuard Media plugins can add copy protection and DRM to existing WordPress pages.