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CopySafe Video Demo | Copy Protection for Drupal Websites

CopySafe Video Demo

CopySafe Video uses buffering specially developed by ArtistScope to cater for encrypted video that enables faster playback before the video file downloads, enabling the fast load of video files up to 300 MB and more. Other features of CopySafe Video when displayed online are:

  • Video file is Domain Locked to the owner's web site.
  • During play the video cannot be copied or screen recorded.
  • Video cannot be retrieved from the browser's cache or memory.
  • The video file cannot be located from browser source code.
  • Loss-less compression dramatically decreases file size.

Online playback of copy protected video that is viewable in a web browser is unique to CopySafe Video because no other copy protected video solution can be played in a web browser. In fact, no other web browser can support real browser plugins like the ArtisBrowser.

CopySafe Video provides the most secure copy protection on the planet!