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Copy Protected Web Hosting | Copy Protection for Drupal Websites

Copy Protected Web Hosting

Guest Video provides a most unique web hosting service that includes copy protection, DRM and watermarking options.

What makes it possible is the server module that provides end to end encryption between server and browser, and a secure web browser especially designed to decrypt those web pages while maintaining that they cannot be copied or exploited in any way.

The server module is provided by the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) and the web browser is the ArtisBrowser which is available for all platforms and OS including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The copy protection is better than what has ever been imagined:

  • Copy protect all page content including text, images, PDF and video.
  • Safe from all copy including PrintScreen, screenshots and recording.
  • Safe from media grabbers and site scrapers.
  • Pages have no source view and cannot be saved or printed.
  • Add optional watermark based on user’s id, IP address and date.
  • Add optional copy protection or leave for public view.
  • Add DRM protection using tokens for access rights per individual.
  • DRM tokens can govern expiry by date or number of days or views.
  • Limit the number of devices a user can use per token.
  • Hosting plans include media file storage on Amazon servers.

Guest Video copy protected web hosting is ideal for online tutors and others providing limited access to intellectual property. Everything needed for online sales and user management is provided by the Guest Video dashboard, including online catalogue for sales, online cover designer for your promotional ads, DRM token management and user tracking.

For more information and 14-day trial account visit the Guest Video website.