ASPS Protected Hosting

Copy Protect Web Pages Hosted Anywhere

The ASPS Protected Hosting solution can copy protect almost any existing web site anywhere. In fact even your Facebook page could be protected if there was a way to restrict direct access while viewing your page via the ASPS mirror.

The whole of your web site or just select pages can copy protected (mirrored via our ASPS server). All you need is a web site with existing web pages and our Check Referrer plugin (see below).

Copy Protection for Media

Any media that can be displayed on a web page can be copy protected using ASPS Protected Hosting, including all types of video, Flash, images and text.


This service provides the most secure copy protection on the planet for any and all web pages and media regardless of where it is hosted. The only limitation is that you need to take measures to prevent direct access to those pages and media. However that is quite easy to do and we can show you how.

ASPS Check Referrer

For CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress we have made it easy to prevent direct access to your protected content by providing add-on modules for your website for free.

ASPS Protected Hosting Pricing

ASPS Protected Hosting plans are charged a one-time setup fee plus rental per month or for longer periods. You can view the pricing schedule here.

14 Day FREE Trial

Test drive ASPS Protected Hosting by creating a FREE account in the ASPS demo site. Then you can add links and media already hosted on your existing web site, install the ASPS Check Referrer add-on and see for your self just how easy and secure this new copy protection solution can be. Click to create a demo account.